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ImageHandlerGreece is probably the only country in the Eurozone plagued by extreme-leftist/anarchist terrorism. For over 40 years the terrorist organisation “17th November” was in action and after it’s demise in 2004, a lot new “players” showed up in the scene. It is commony accepted that a lot of the funding of those terrorist organisation comes from bank robberies, with terrorist groups making bank robberies, sometimes on their own and sometimes in collaboration with common law criminals.
This “revolutionary fund” as it often called in the greek media provides not only arms and bombs but according to the latest findings of the police hires of other criminals, including probably those that murdered the two young mumbers of GD.
The last arrested from the “revolutionary”/”terrorist” organisation “Synomosia pirinon tis fotias” were actually arrested in such a bank robbery. But they were not the only ones. Members of what someone would call the “Elit” of the greek society, from the upper echelon, they are now facing multiple charges that could lead to prison for years. Although after a hunger strike of one of them, the greek state – after the meeting of the ex-PM Antonis Samaras with his parents- that he would be able to take leaves to go study.

Nikos Voutsis is the new minister for internal affairs, and thus the political leadership of the police is in his hands. Nikos Voutsis has  experience with situations like these described above, as his son was arrested 8 years ago during a bank robbery. It has to be stressed that his son was not arrested over a terrorist charge, but only about the bank robbery.

Here is what one greek newspaper (Kathimerini) had to say those days

YYYYYY__article23 Years old George Voutsis, son of a member of the political council of SYRIZA, Nikos Voutsis, was held and interrogated until late last night at the Attica General Police Directorate. He was arrested as one of the two robbers of an armed robbery that took place earlier the same day, at a bank in the area of Gizi, Central Athens.

Meanwhile the investigations to locate and identify the accomplice, who escaped after the armed robbery, remained unsuccessful until evening as George Voutsis refused to reveal his partner’s identity. The weapons found in the possession of the 23 year old, at the moment he was arrested, a hand grenade and two handguns, were transferred to Attica General Police Directorate criminal investigation unit, in order to determine whether they had been used in similar actions or operations in the past.

The same happened with objects found by the police investigators, at his home in the area of Koukaki. According to the Police at his apartment at Frati Street, were found gloves, hoods, slingshots and iron bars, that possibly the arrested person, had used in recent commando style raids against banks and other public targets, in the center of Athens. Officers of the police, commented on ‘’K’’ newspaper, that his participation in other unlawful acts, is certified. The 23 year old has long been known to the police for his involvement in clashes in central Athens.Three years ago he was arrested and convicted during a police audit because in his possession Petrol Bombs were found (he was imposed with a suspended prison sentence), whereas according the police, had been brought in police stations several times during clashes with the riot police, as i.e. these occurred last spring. However, information leaked for possible involvement in so-called ‘’robbers in black’’, whose already convicted member is Giannis Dimitrakis, proved untrue.

The armed robbery that led to the arrest of Voutsis, occurred on 11:45 am, at the branch of the National Bank in 34 Gizi street. Voutsis along with his accomplice stormed the bank armed with two pistols and a grenade and managed to steal 23.000 Euros. He managed to escape by riding a bicycle loaded with shopping bags in order not to draw suspicion. Passersby, watching their movements, managed to follow him and at the intersection of Bukuvala and Ragavi streets, and then a young truck driver immobilized him. Strong police forces then rushed to the point and proceeded to the arrest of the 23 year old.

tzimerosHere is what greek liberal politican Thanos Tzimeros had to say about the case

The son of Voutsis, Giorgos Vogiatzis-Voutsis (why really the surname of the father comes second?) had been arrested for an armed robbery in 4th October 2007. His initial penalty was 8 years in prison. He appealed. It was not accepted and he received the same penalty, but the son of the “rebel mp” did not spend even three years inside. And he is out of prison with terms. Ofcourse the crushed father “respects the opinion and the choices of his son”. Such culture!